Booking t's & c's

  1. PAYMENT - Total balance is due on the day of the event as one payment - no exceptions. The person responsible for the entire balance of payment is the person who has signed the booking contract, I am unable to take payments from each individual as this leads to much confusion especially when clients have split the travel charge. Please have payment ready as I can’t be waiting around for the client to collect payments from others at the end.

  2. BOOKING TIMES - Contract will contain a start time and end time approved by client. Each makeup session requires a certain length of time to be finished and is not to exceed time limit. When reserving your date, book accordingly. Any additional persons wanting makeup done outside this contract will only be performed at my discretion. All makeups for more than one person must be at the same location and consecutive in time (no gaps in between).

  3. CHANGES TO BOOKING - Changes to your time slot on the day of your booking is subject to availability, if I’m not able to change your slot your allocated time slot will remain the same.

  4. LATENESS - All clients are given an allocated time slot, if you are late to your booking, it is within my right to leave when your time slot comes to an end as I have many bookings throughout the day and cannot be late for other clients. For group bookings a lot of time is consumed between each client wearing dresses, washing/exfoliating face, wearing contacts etc). It is essential each client is ready when it's their turn. Lateness will cut client time short and may result to me having to leave without completing the entire look to make it in time for my next booking. Delays cause a domino effect hence why being on time is extremely important. Charges for delays will be added on to the outstanding payment at £20 per hour, £10 half an hour, £5 for 15 mins. It is completely under my discretion if I choose to charge you for lateness. If I am late to your booking you will be informed about it and will receive your full time slot. I cannot guarantee I will always be on time, time slots are provided however traffic, road works, closures are inevitable and can/will occur.

  5. CANCELLATION - Should a client cancel the booked event or any service on a contract, the deposit will not be refunded or transferred to another date. If I cancel at any time or am unable to perform my duties for any reason, 100% of the deposit paid will be refunded by via bank transfer within two (2) weeks.

  6. SERVICE LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS - Location of service for the day-of-event will be at the discretion of the client, but there are certain requirements that I need to complete the makeup. A “set up” table/work area needs to be made available for me at the agreed location. Ample lighting, whether by means of natural light or by lamps, is necessary for services to be performed properly. 

  7. PARKING - Please note that as I travel by car it is crucial that there is free parking available or a visitor pass must be given. For areas with pay and display it is up to you to pay for this. Any additional charges such as congestion, tolls and car parking tickets will be your responsibility to pay, although I will check if there are any congestion charges and include this in your travel fee. 

  8. Client shall inform me of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. I cannot be held liable for any losses or damage that is incurred due to the clients failure to inform her of any known condition. 

  9. I reserve the right to refuse service to the client or members of the party for, but not limited to, abuse and threatening behaviour. 

  10. During group bookings, many clients believe it is acceptable to ruin or not look after their makeup. Even if I am is still within the household once you have left her makeup application chair any smudges, lipstick removal, nose rubbing etc. is not my duty to fix. I am  not liable for any damages caused to your makeup once you are out of sight. We must state this in all group bookings as some clients think it is okay to not be careful with their makeup, this is because they believe as I am still in the house doing other clients they can come back and ask for additional services and touch ups. This wastes time, isn't my job to mend and can cause delays to my other bookings. Girls, makeup is not surgery, if you are careful around your face your makeup will not budge, you will not have any issues and you will look AMAZING, however if you are not careful and ruin your makeup it is under your own discretion.

  11. I do not do party makeup on Brides, or for any bridal events. This is because you will be my walking canvas and showcase my work. I want all my brides to look their absolute best and feel like a bride. If clients choose to opt for party makeup without informing me for their bridal event I will have the right to charge the full price for bridal on the day before starting. I must be informed of the exact function you are having or attending and will require you to show your dress or wear it before makeup application. This is to avoid any fraudulent behaviour I may encounter. If you refuse to pay you will be black listed from booking me in the future and any future bookings cancelled.

  12. I prefer only the client I am working on to be in the room I’m assigned to, however I’m happy to be in the room with other makeup artists and hairstylists. I just cannot work in conditions where numerous people are in the room or just sit around and watching whilst the booking is taking place. The reason for this is because it forms distractions for both myself and the client, causes delays and can put myself under pressure which I would like to avoid. 

  13. I ask every client before makeup application what type of look they would like to go for, if there is anything they would like or dislike. It is your duty to inform what shade of foundation you would like i.e. look the same shade, tanned or fairer. I will also give and recommend my professional opinion as to what would look best with your outfit and facial features. All looks are tailored to suit the client. Once the makeup application is completed you will not be allowed to make any changes. Therefore it is crucial you know what look you would like to opt for or are happy to go forth with the look I offer. Small changes such as more highlight, change in lip colour, more glitter, bronzer etc. are allowed. I will not change eye lashes, shade in foundation, remove and reapply makeup. Lashes are complimentary with all prices and package; there is a specific style of lashes I offer to clients, if you would like to provide your own you are more than welcome.