Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

All of my rates & services can be found on the book online & pricing page:

How much is the travel charge?

There is a guide on my site to give you a rough idea of how much travel will be, please check it out here: For an accurate quote please email me at This is payable per day you'd like to book me not per person.

What is seasonal and non seasonal pricing?

The seasonal periods are my busiest, they are usually each holiday periods and can be found on each booking page. I have a lower rate for non seasonal as I am not as busy within these periods and thought I would lower my rate for you guys. Seasonal dates: Summer Seasonal 15/07-15/09 October Seasonal 15/10-05/11 Christmas Seasonal 20/12-05/01 Feb Seasonal 15/02-05/03 Easter Seasonal 05/04-15/04 May Seasonal 20/05-01/06

How do I book myself in?

To book yourself in, please select the service you desire via the book online & pricing page: Then click book now, you can then select your start time, enter your address and message, pay a deposit and you'll be booked in.

I want hair too, do I need to book separately?

If you'd like to book yourself in for hair too, you can simply add on the message section that you'd like hair, you won't need to make a separate booking. Please note @Sheli_styles takes on majority of my hair bookings, please state what hairstyle you'd like.

How do I do a group booking?

Unfortunately I haven't found a way to add multiple people to the booking system, so for now each person will have to book themselves a slot separately.

Can I travel for you for a cheaper rate?

Yes ofcourse, I have a £40 makeover for those willing to travel to me (party makeup only). Client must travel to me in St Albans - lashes are not included + £5 add on - *can only be booked 10 days in advance* Not for last minute bookings or during my seasonal periods, if you book within 72 hours it will be £65 (including lashes)

How much are last minute bookings?

I class last minute within 72 hours of the date, bookings made within this period will be charged at seasonal rate, regardless of the date.

Can I book hair on it's own?

Yes, however bookings for hair are not confirmed as the email will go to either myself or @Sheli_styles who will confirm availability.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, bookings are not confirmed without a deposit being paid.

Can I book party makeup for my bridal event?.. I want a simple look

No, unfortunately I do not accept party bookings for bridal, regardless of wanting a simple look. Each bride is my walking canvas, your face should look perfect and I spend much longer on bridal makeup, even if it's a simple look I can still spend up to two hours perfecting every detail. Usually brides are a lot more particular with the look they want and you want to look perfect, so this will take a lot more time right? I also have special products only for bridal clients. If you want party makeup it will not be as heavy or suitable for professonal bridal photography/videography - this is one of the main reasons I do not allow brides to book party makeup, the way bridal makeup is done is so that it looks amazing in real life and even more in photo's & video's. Bridal makeup is also done in a way that it will not budge with all the flashing lights on your face on the stage, nor will the lights wash you out. My prices are based on the event, the bridal industry simply would not exist if everyone charged based on party prices, if you're unable to respect that please find someone else. If you book for party makeup and I find out on the day it's your bridal event, you will either be charged full price or I will not complete the makeup.

What's your email address?

Why is travel so much for me?

I'm very honest when it comes to my travel charge and have a certain way of calculating it (50p per mile travelled). Lets say you're 10 miles away from me, that's a 20 mile round trip, so 20 x 0.5p=£10. I charge a lot less than most makeup artists and the travel will only be more expensive the further away you are from me. Although the petrol itself may cost me a lot less than what I quote, you need to also take in to consideration the time spent travelling.

Do you offer training?

Yes, I now offer makeup training. I have two courses to offer: self application / Party to Bridal makeup. Both courses are suitable for beginers to experts. Self application is makeup application suited to your face only. Party to Bridal is perfect for those looking to do freelance makeup. Book now

What do you offer with your training?

All info on this can be found on the 1-2-1 pages. There is a list of what will be covered and what is included. Best part is that you get a spot on my website if you do the party/bridal course!

Do you offer trials?

Yes, however I only offer bridal trials. They are £80 and must be booked with me within the current week you'd like it, as I do not book them in advance, max in advance is a week. I can travel to you if I'm in the area you live, or alternatively an additional travel charge will apply, you can travel to me too, I'm based in St Albans.

Do you have any requirements at a booking?

I require a room with good lighting (if possible). I don't mind working with hairstylists and other makeup artists in the same room. I would need a space to set up my equipment: a bed or large table, also need a chair (high if possible) for my client to sit on. I prefer to not be disturbed by other people coming in and out as it delays the process of me applying the makeup due to the client having to turn around and speak etc, checking up on the client is fine one or two times, but not constantly coming in and out to have a chat. I don't expect any refreshments as I carry my lunch with me, but a drink is good enough to keep me refreshed.

Do you offer any discounts?

I don't offer any discounts or reductions on my pricing, this is so that all clients are treated fairly and get the same treatment. I only offer a reduced travel rate if youre a bride or group of 3+ booking for multiple days.